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If you have a high-asset marriage, you most likely need an experienced Fort Collins divorce lawyer to help guide you through this difficult process. High net-worth divorce cases are complicated; both parties have a great deal at stake. The Fort Collins high-asset divorce lawyers at The Law Office of Stephen Vertucci, LLC can help you understand your rights and protect your assets during the divorce process. We will do whatever we can to achieve the goals that you have for your case.

Why Choose Our Law Firm

  • We are highly experienced Fort Collins family law attorneys who can help you get through any situation or obstacle, including complexities that are unique to high-asset divorce cases.
  • Your lawyer will simplify your case and the legal process as much as possible. We provide no-legal-jargon strategic planning for the benefit of our clients.
  • Our divorce lawyers have established a reputation of excellence in Fort Collins among clients, the community and our peers. Our testimonials speak for themselves.

High Net-Worth Divorces in Colorado

A high-asset or high net-worth divorce case in Colorado comes with unique challenges. These cases often involve complex types of marital property, such as investments, international accounts, real estate, retirement savings accounts and jointly owned businesses. You may need an attorney to navigate your case for you using smart legal strategies and personalized counsel. A Fort Collins high-asset divorce attorney can navigate Colorado’s property division laws to preserve your hard-earned assets. A lawyer can help you protect what’s yours.

Dividing Property in High Net-Worth Divorces

Colorado is an equitable division state, meaning that the division of property does not necessarily take a 50/50 split. Instead of automatically dividing marital property down the middle in a divorce case, the Colorado courts create an arrangement that is fair (equitable) for both parties. To do this, the courts will analyze many different factors unique to your case, including:

  • Each spouse’s income and financial situation
  • Which spouse brought which assets and debts the marriage
  • Child custody matters that may determine who keeps the family home
  • Any separate property that was commingled (turned into marital property) for the sake of the marriage

Note that the courts only have jurisdiction over marital property; they cannot touch or divide separate property. Marital property is anything acquired over the course of a marriage. This includes both assets and debts. Separate property is the assets owned by each party prior to the marriage, as well as any gifts or inheritance given to one spouse alone during the marriage.

Spousal Support in High-Asset Divorces

Spousal support is common in high-asset divorce cases. If one spouse makes considerably more than the other, the lesser-earning spouse may qualify for spousal support to help maintain his or her standard of living after the divorce. The courts in Colorado calculate spousal maintenance payments based on the financial resources of each spouse, the ability of the recipient to earn a living, the age and health of the recipient, and the duration of the marriage.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

One way to protect your valuable assets from being given to your ex in a divorce case is through the use of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. These legal documents can protect assets that you earned from going to your spouse after a divorce or legal separation – but only if they are drawn up correctly. It is important to work with a Fort Collins high-asset divorce lawyer to create a valid prenup or postnup to ensure that it will hold up in court.

Contact a Fort Collins High-Asset Divorce Attorney

In Colorado, you have the chance to create your own property division arrangement with your ex-spouse in a high net-worth divorce case. Working with an experienced high-asset divorce attorney from The Law Office of Stephen Vertucci, LLC can improve your chances of achieving a settlement agreement. If your case does require a trial, our lawyers can aggressively protect your interests in court. Contact us today to learn more about our high-asset divorce services. Call (970) 900-1800 to request a consultation in Fort Collins.

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