Client Testimonials

"Steve was not only thoroughly organized, professional, knowledgeable on crucial points of law and always accessible, but he was empathetic and understanding to the emotional toll a divorce and custody case has on an individual."
Richard N.
"Mr. Vertucci helped me through an incredibly high-conflict family court case. He fought very hard for the well-being of my child. He was knowledgeable and thorough. Mr. Vertucci truly cares about his clients and establishing a solid foundation for long term success - he is excellent at direct communication and diffusing rather than escalating conflict. I am so appreciative of his help and expertise. I highly recommend Mr. Vertucci."
Seanna Mattison
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"Mr. Vertucci is a great lawyer and has always provided me with the most thorough communication possible. Mr. Vertucci always made sure that my thoughts/concerns were voiced and he was very transparent and clear about everything that occurred in my case. My case has been closed for a year now but Mr. Vertucci has continued to assist me with questions that continue to come up every now and then. Mr. Vertucci is a very professional lawyer and I would highly recommend his services to anyone."
Wendy Hurtado Flores
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"I honestly cannot say enough good things about Mr. Vertucci and his legal team; they assisted me through every step of a very contentious divorce. When I entered the process, I was terrified...I had no idea what to do, where to begin, what to expect; I had no idea how I was going to get through such a sudden and overwhelming experience. Mr. Vertucci walked me through every step and was amazingly helpful and professional. His legal team was there for me when I started to panic in certain situations and they always assured me that I was doing everything correctly and in a timely manner. As for the trial...I could not have done it without Mr. Vertucci's solid support and professionalism. While divorce itself has been the worst experience of my life, working with Mr. Vertucci and his team has been a blessing. They have all been professional, responsive, kind, helpful, understanding, and (most importantly in my case) patient. The words "thank you" simply do not encompass my gratitude. I would absolutely recommend Mr. Vertucci to anyone in need of a divorce attorney."
René Sutherlin
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"I can’t express how much Mr Vertucci and his team have done for me. For two years I felt I was floundering through a brutal child support and parental rights battle. After taking on my case, Stephen and his team managed to bring the other side to a settlement. And continued on through the parental rights court trial, getting all the false allegations thrown out. After over 4 years of non-stop litigation, I have a path forward to a relationship with my son. He and is team are all personable and accommodating. Highly professional and exceptionally prepared for court. He answered every question and concern I had throughout the entire process. I can’t recommend him enough."
Matthew Raymond
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"Steven Vertucci is an excellent attorney! His most outstanding quality is his integrity. Trusting my attorney in this daunting process was very important. He is smart, fair and skilled at critical thinking. He was committed and worked tirelessly on my custody case. For someone looking for an ethical and hard working attorney I highly recommend Mr. Vertucci."
Andrea Pucciarello
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"Without getting too emotional, it is difficult for me to describe how well Mr. Vertucci represented me in my highly contentious family law case. Before retaining Steve my case was heading on a downward trend and I felt lost. With his skill, knowledge of the law, and devotion to what is good and righteous he was able to turn my case around and change me and my children's lives for the better. Steve has been super responsive to me and my needs and has done extremely well in court. Thank you Steve. I wish that there were more honest, devoted attorney's like you available for us honest devoted clients."
David Czerniak
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"Mr. Vertucci has represented me over the past several months in a difficult parenting time and child support case. He has done an excellent job. Mr. Vertucci works hard to represent me and my needs, is compassionate and understanding when listening to the issues surrounding my case, gives thoughtful and effective advice, and takes appropriate actions to get positive results. I highly recommend Mr. Vertucci for any family law matters."
Tim Ellis
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"Steve Vertucci provided quality and efficient services. Mr. Vertucci’s authenticity, knowledge and experience helped win me my case. I could always rely on his quick responsiveness no matter the time or day. From the start, he was invested in me and my case, which made me more at ease when dealing with the stress of going to court. He produced the quality of an attorney that anyone would want on their side. I highly recommend Steve Vertucci."
Gage Gunderson
"Steve has been amazing with my case. He has always clearly explained the pros and cons of each direction that can be taken. He has helped me navigate the system, and has been open about recommendations that save money. I cannot recommend a family law attorney more highly than Steve Vertucci."
Justin Walsh
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"Mr. Vertucci and his office exceeded my expectations with quick response times and a successful outcome to my case. Steve was dedicated to my case before I was even a client, taking a consultation call with me while he was home sick. Steve was very professional in the courtroom and seemed to have a good rapport with the magistrate assigned to my case. Shortly after hiring Steve, he was able to help me come to an agreement with the plaintiff in my case which ended up saving everyone money, time, and stress. I am happy to recommend Steve and his office."
Richie Nelsen
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"Mr. Vertucci is a great lawyer. He provided my family with excellent service. We were treated like we were his only clients. Mr.Vertucci listened to all our concerns and helped resolve our case with a great outcome!"
Shaye Simonds
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"There is no other attorney I would have wanted by my side during a high-conflict divorce. He always listened to my thoughts and concerns then advised according to what would be best for me and my children. Mr. Vertucci is not only extremely knowledgeable of the law, but he was always very professional in every encounter. I would highly recommend working with Stephen Vertucci on any family law or child-custody issue."
Chelsey Johnson
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"Stephen Vertucci was the second lawyer I had to hire in my divorce, and I’m very grateful to have found him. Stephen is knowledgeable of Colorado divorce law and how they play out in the court room, and he has great interpersonal skills. He stepped into a situation with me that was not the norm, and he helped me find the best path forward to a resolution that did not leave me feeling like I would be continually stuck in the past. Although I didn’t like everything he had to tell me, I knew he was telling me the truth and providing the best guidance available. If I ever decide to become involved in a relationship again, I’ll be hiring him for a prenup!"
Jane Beynon
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"Stephen Vertucci is a great family attorney and I highly recommend him. He will be thorough on every detail and will make sure you feel as comfortable and knowledgeable about your case as possible. Thank you Steve."
Cody Heyne
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"I can not say enough about Mr. Vertucci, he took every concern I had seriously. He always answered me back in a timely matter, and most importantly, he got a great resolution in my case. If you are in a child custody case you need to call him!"
Nicholas Simonds
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"I have had Mr. Vertucci as an attorney for a few years and have been extremely satisfied with his advice, work ethic, and results. I would highly recommend Mr. Vertucci for any family law matters."
John Stewart
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"Stephen Vertucci is the best! He is always there for you when you need him! He is super helpful and caring. I would recommend him to anyone!!"
Justin Bartch
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"Stephen has a distinguished and professional presence in the courtroom! Stephen communicated clearly to me what the cost of representation would be, as well as the potential turnout of my case. I’m thrilled at the turnout, and feel it was worth the reasonable cost. Thanks Steve!!!!"
Tim Miller
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"A good friend of mine is currently working with Mr. Vertucci, and have nothing but good things to say."
Kristopher Jones
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"I could not have asked for better representation. I would recommend Steven for any family law needs."
Daniel Sabo
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"Very friendly and informative."
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"My time with Mr. Vertucci was immensely helpful, I value the detail and time he took to be so thorough with all aspects of my case. I felt he did an excellent job of gaining perspective and details enabling him to approach advising me in the best possible way. I was impressed and honored he did this regardless of whether I could hire him or not, and feel that shows a superior level of dedication and passion for his area of expertise.

I came away with a renewed sense of resolve knowing I was right to trust my instincts and should not apologize anymore, or back down from trying to stand behind what matters most to me, in this process. I greatly appreciate Mr. Vertucci's willingness to reach out to my current attorney with my concerns, and was encouraged to look out for my children's and my best interests, as this business is dealing with my life and my children's lives, and will effect us for many years to come.

I very much appreciate his sending me many pieces of relevant reading material to review, encouraging more understanding behind this process so I can better my position to advocate for myself moving forward.

I should mention that Mr. Vertucci came very highly recommended by one of the most successful attorneys in Northern Colorade, and spoke very highly of him, saying he was THE best, most sought after and qualified attorney for matters such as mine, and that I would be fortunate to have his help. From the limited time I spent with Mr. Vertucci, I absolutely see why he spoke so highly of him, meeting with him was an impressive experience."
Rebekah “Beka”
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