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A child custody dispute is often the hardest part of a divorce case. Child custody, referred to as parenting time in Colorado, is an emotional topic for all concerned. Hiring a Loveland child custody attorney can minimize the emotional toll that a divorce takes on you and your children. The Law Office of Stephen Vertucci can provide the strategic planning that you need to achieve your child custody goals.

Why Choose Stephen Vertucci?

  • Stephen Vertucci is a highly experienced and reputable trial attorney in Colorado.
  • We practice child-first legal advocacy; we will put your family first in all legal decisions.
  • We make a difficult process simpler with legal strategies that leave out the legal jargon.
  • Our Loveland divorce lawyers will work closely with you to identify and pursue your goals.
  • We can help with emergency situations and protective orders, as necessary.

Child Custody in Colorado

Child custody is now officially referred to as parental responsibilities in Colorado. It is divided into two different types of responsibilities: parenting time and legal decision-making. Parenting time refers to physical custody of the child. Legal decision-making is the legal right to make important decisions on behalf of a minor child, such as health care and education decisions. Parents in a child custody case may receive one or both types of parental responsibilities.

In Colorado, a couple always has the right to come up with their own parenting schedule or parenting plan with a divorce settlement. If the plan protects the child’s best interests, a judge will sign off. If the parents cannot agree on parental responsibilities, the case will go to trial. In a Colorado custody trial, a judge will always rule in a way that protects the child’s physical, emotional and psychological well-being.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

You have a lot on the line as a parent involved in a child custody case in Loveland. Do not risk self-representation. Hiring an attorney can give you the legal assistance that you need for this type of dispute. Your lawyer will understand how judges make child custody decisions and how to work toward your case goals. Your lawyer can also guide you through this emotionally fraught time in your family’s life.

What Are the Types of Custody Arrangements?

The two main types of custody arrangements are joint and sole custody. In general, the law holds that a child is better off maintaining contact with both parents. Thus, the most common type of custody arrangement is joint custody. This is shared custody between both spouses. The exact percentage of parenting time given to each spouse will depend on the circumstances, such as how far apart the two households are, each parent’s work schedule and ability to care for the child, and what is best for the child.

In certain circumstances, the courts will award sole custody to one parent, either with or without visitation rights given to the other. This is generally done when there is reason to believe that one-on-one contact between the child and the noncustodial parent would be harmful to the child, such as if the parent has a history of domestic violence, child abuse, neglect or substance abuse. Speak with our child custody specialist to review all options possible for the arrangement.

Can You Modify a Child Custody Agreement?

Once a court in Colorado gives a child custody order, it must be obeyed by both parties. Failing to obey a custody agreement can lead to being held in contempt of court, with penalties such as jail time, or even being charged with parental kidnapping. It may be possible, however, to modify a child custody agreement if the parent makes this request to the courts. A child custody modification will only be granted if there is a good reason – a substantial change in circumstance from the time the court gave the order – and the court thinks it is in the best interest of the child.

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To learn more about child custody in Colorado, including how to modify a child custody agreement, contact The Law Office of Stephen Vertucci for a consultation. Our Loveland child custody lawyer has years of experience helping individuals and families through divorce and legal separation cases. Call (970) 900-1800 today to request a meeting with a child custody lawyer.

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