Fort Collins Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Divorce mediation services allow couples to work through disagreement outside of the court system. Instead of asking for the court to make a ruling on property division, child custody, and other issues, a neutral mediator can work with both parties to arrange a successful compromise. If you are filing for a divorce in Colorado, mediation services can provide a cost-effective and low stress alternative to formal court hearings.

Mediators work across many different civil legal practices, resolving disputes among parties. In Colorado, divorce mediators are state qualified professionals who understand state divorce laws and the court system, have completed a minimum of 40 hours of mediation skills training, and understand the emotional nature of the divorce process. Many mediators are also divorce attorneys.

How Divorce Mediation Works

Those who wish to work through divorce issues with a divorce mediator can begin services immediately – even before they file for a divorce. During the mediation, you do not have to worry about accommodating the schedules of multiple attorneys, judges, and the local court system. Instead, the mediator and spouses can choose a meeting time and location that works best for them.

All mediation meetings are completely confidential. Mediators do not take sides or work for any one party. They act as communication facilitators, divorce guides, and trusted advisors. Most couples schedule several mediation sessions before they arrive at suitable separation and custody agreements. Every mediation is different and caters to the needs of the spouses involved. For some couples, that means focusing heavily on asset division and tax planning. For others, it means working through child custody issues and developing a working visitation schedule.

When both parties agree to the terms of the separation, the mediator will compile a full and final document set for each spouse. Afterward, satisfied spouses can move forward with filing for an uncontested divorce and finalizing their decisions.

When to Consider Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation works well for couples who feel comfortable openly discussing their issues and working through them. It does not always work out for those who strongly disagree and could never come to a decision on their own. Consider investing in divorce mediation services if you and your spouse:

  • Prefer to settle divorce matters outside of the courtroom
  • Want to engage in a low stress divorce process
  • Qualify for an uncontested divorce in the state of Colorado
  • Want to expedite the divorce process to save both time and money
  • Can make unemotional and informed decisions about your separation

Mediation is a private, low stress, cost-effective, and comparatively fast way to process a divorce. With the right mediation team on your side, you can also use the process to quickly file all of the requisite paperwork and finalize your divorce. In Colorado, all couples must wait a minimum of 90 days after filing the appropriate documentation before a court will finalize the decision, but mediation can shorten the overall timeframe of a divorce.

Finding Colorado Divorce Mediators

For the mediation process to work, couples need access to a knowledgeable, unbiased, and qualified mediator. Strong candidates demonstrate legal expertise, have a track record for success, and can present an actionable plan for mediation. With the right mediation professional, you and your spouse can agree to fair and comprehensive divorce terms without the need for lengthy and emotional court hearings.

Before you hire an attorney for a contested divorce, talk to your spouse about investing in divorce mediation services in Colorado. The solution may provide the right level of support that you both need to file for an uncontested divorce.