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Colorado no longer calls the physical and legal responsibilities of parenting “child custody”. Instead, child custody is referred to as the allocation of parental responsibilities.

A family court judge may allocate parental responsibilities between parents, or parents may create their own parenting plan. This is a serious undertaking for the court and parents as all parties want what is best for the children.

Before you propose a parenting plan to your co-parent or seek the modification of an existing child custody order, it is vital you speak with an experienced Berthoud child custody lawyer.

Why Choose The Law Office of Stephen Vertucci, LLC, for Your Child Custody Matter?

Child custody is often the most contentious matter in a divorce. Physical time and decision-making responsibilities must be divided between parents, and an enforceable child support obligation must be ordered.

The Berthoud divorce lawyers at The Law Office of Stephen Vertucci, LLC, know how difficult it can be to create a parenting plan. We are experienced in creating workable parenting solutions for families and have helped hundreds of former clients do so.

While we try to make the child custody process as conflict-free as possible, the lawyers at The Law Office of Stephen Vertucci, LLC, are confident litigators. We will try your case before the court whenever doing so is best for you and your children.

Let The Law Office of Stephen Vertucci, LLC, guide you through the Colorado child custody process. Call our Berthoud child custody attorney today and arrange for a consultation.

Determining Child Custody in Colorado

When the court makes its child custody determination, it allocates parenting time and legal decision-making responsibilities between the parents in accordance with the best interest of the child.

The best interest of the child is different than the wishes of the parents. However, each parent’s wishes are considered in a child custody decision.

The court will also take the following into account:

  • The child’s wishes (if they are of sufficient age and maturity)
  • The relationship between the child and each parent, sibling, and any other person who significantly affects the child’s best interest
  • The child’s adjustment to their home, school, and community
  • The mental and physical health of those involved
  • Each parent’s ability to encourage contact between the child and the other parent (except in cases of abuse and neglect)
  • Each parent’s ability to communicate with the other
  • The geographic distance between the parents
  • The ability of each party to place the needs of the child ahead of their own needs

Parenting time and legal decision-making responsibilities may be awarded to parents solely or jointly. For example, a parent may have joint parenting time and share nearly equal overnights each year. However, that parent may not share legal decision-making responsibility for their child jointly.

The ability to jointly hold parental responsibilities depends largely on whether the parents can cooperate and make joint decisions.

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If you would like to discuss your child custody case with a skilled Berthoud child custody attorney, call The Law Office of Stephen Vertucci, LLC. You can contact a compassionate, forthright attorney about any custody matter.

Our office handles initial custody orders, medications, child support, emergency custody, and more. No case is too complex for the experienced lawyers at The Law Office of Stephen Vertucci, LLC.

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