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Colorado courts uphold a child’s best interests in all family court decisions. This premise includes the understanding that all parents have a legal obligation to support their children. A child support attorney in Berthoud helps parents protect their children by assisting divorcing or non-married parents in obtaining child support orders, enforcing child support orders, and modifying existing orders when appropriate. To avoid problems later, it’s important to have an experienced attorney to ensure that child support orders are calculated correctly, and realistically, and are enforceable under Colorado law. If you’re separated, divorcing, or require paternity testing for a child support order between unmarried parents, call the child support lawyers at The Law Offices of Stephen Vertucci, LLC today.

Why Choose Us for Your Child Support Attorneys in Berthoud?

At the Law Offices of Stephen Vertucci, LLC, our skilled Berthoud divorce attorneys have years of experience navigating child support orders in Colorado. We provide knowledgeable legal advocacy throughout the process to support both parents’ rights and obligations within the Colorado court’s standards of a child’s best interest. Our child support law firm in Berthoud offers the following advantages in child support cases:

  • A thorough and well-versed understanding of Colorado’s requirements for child support and the formula used for calculating support payments
  • Child-focused advocates with keen negotiating skills and litigation experience to maximize the chances of the best outcome possible for your case
  • A deep understanding of the state’s recommended child custody/parenting time schedules and their impact on child support

At The Law Offices of Stephen Vertucci, LLC, we represent both custodial and non-custodial spouses, protecting against unreasonable demands while ensuring that children living without a two-parent home environment have the resources they need to grow and thrive.

Understanding Child Support Calculations in Colorado

Colorado family courts follow the Income Shares Model for calculating child support. This model strives to ensure that children receive the same amount of support from their parents after divorce as they received while the marriage was intact. The Income Shares Model makes calculations based on the following:

  • The gross income of both parents, including salary, wages, bonuses, commissions, rental income, unemployment, or pension income
  • Adjustments to each parent’s income based on factors such as health insurance premium payments, and mandatory retirement contributions as well as any existing child support paid to other children
  • The amount of parenting time (overnight custody days) each parent has in their parenting schedule. The parent with the most parenting time receives child support from the parent with the lower number of overnight stays

Colorado’s child support formula uses the above factors to calculate the basic child support obligation under the state’s guidelines.

Additional Expenses and Other Factors in Child Support Calculations in Berthoud

In some cases, the court may deviate from the child support calculation guidelines. For example, when a child has special needs or expenses for healthcare or education. The court may also make adjustments if one or both parents have extraordinarily high incomes under which the guidelines result in far higher child support payments than required to raise the children.

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Ultimately, the courts make child support determinations to ensure that children of divorced parents don’t suffer unnecessarily dramatic changes in financial circumstances after a divorce. The state also has enforcement measures in place such as wage garnishment, property liens, and interception of tax refunds to ensure children receive the financial support they require to thrive from both parents.

If you have questions about child support orders in Colorado, call our law office in Berthoud today.

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