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Loveland Spousal Support Lawyer

In a Colorado divorce, no matter is as hotly contentious as spousal support. Also called spousal maintenance or alimony, an order to pay spousal support is typically the most aggressively argued point of contention in a divorce.

Whether you’re seeking spousal support from an ex-spouse or you’re facing spousal support orders in your divorce, you need the spousal support lawyers in Loveland who are deeply familiar with the court’s requirements and processes for determining Colorado spousal support orders. At The Law Office of Stephen Vertucci, our divorce attorneys in Loveland understand both the multifaceted emotions that come with a spousal support order and the factual way the courts address the issue of support. 

Call the spousal support attorneys in Loveland who have decades of experience navigating this often acrimonious aspect of Colorado divorce.

Why Choose Us for Your Spousal Support Lawyers in Loveland?

The divorce process is never easy. It’s legally challenging at the same time that it’s fraught with emotion. When the question of spousal support paid from one ex-spouse to the other enters the picture, both sides typically struggle to find a fair resolution. At The Law Office of Stephen Vertucci, we provide clarity and experienced legal counsel to our clients throughout the process by offering the following:

  • A team of Loveland spousal supprot lawyers with decades of experience in Colorado divorce law
  • An in-depth knowledge of the economics involved in deciding Colorado alimony orders
  • A resolution-oriented approach toward seeking the least contentious solution possible while never compromising our client’s best interests
  • Clear and concise assessments of your case so you’re informed and well-prepared for each stage of the divorce process

When the courts must review the contributions and decisions of each spouse during a marriage to determine a spousal support order, experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel representing your interests is a critical component of your case.

What Is Spousal Support?

Spousal support—or spousal maintenance in Colorado—is an amount of money paid from one spouse to the other during the divorce process and after divorce, typically for a limited time. The courts award spousal maintenance to prevent one spouse from suffering a sudden drop in their accustomed standard of living. It’s typically awarded to spouses who earn significantly less than the other spouse or who haven’t participated in the workforce for some time because they’ve focused on raising children and caring for the home. If following the fair and equitable division of the marital assets, one spouse cannot maintain their standard of living due to insufficient income, the lower-earning spouse may seek spousal maintenance payments from the higher-earning spouse.

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Spousal Support in Settlement Agreements

In most cases, an order for spousal support is temporary, an amount of monthly payments made until the lower-earning spouse has time to become self-sufficient. Divorcing spouses in Colorado may negotiate a settlement agreement between themselves and their lawyers that includes a monthly amount of spousal maintenance paid from one spouse to the other. If the paying spouse disputes the payment completely or the spouses cannot agree on an acceptable amount or duration of the support, they must take their arguments to court for a judge to decide.

Call the Spousal Support Attorneys in Loveland For Your Colorado Divorce

In the best-case scenario of divorce, spouses agree to part ways amicably and remain friendly and supportive—but this type of divorce is rare. Far more often, divorcing spouses feel a level of acrimony toward each other that leads to one or more disputes, often ending with a court battle rather than a settlement agreement. This is especially true when it comes to spousal support. If you’ve filed for divorce or you’ve received a divorce petition from a spouse, and spousal support is a key issue to resolve, you need the experienced Loveland spousal support lawyers at The Law Offices of Stephen Vertucci. Reach out to our office today for an evaluation of your case.

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