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Colorado family courts make all decisions in the best interests of children. The courts assert that all parents have an obligation to financially support their children. Obtaining fair child support orders in Greeley and throughout Colorado is imperative for divorcing parents or non-married parents. A child support attorney in Greeley is ready to defend your rights and those of your children under Colorado’s child support laws, either as part of your divorce process, when facing or requesting child support orders from a non-married co-parent, or when seeking a modification of existing child support orders. Call the Greeley divorce attorneys at the Law Offices of Stephen Vertucci, LLC today for skilled legal representation in your child support case.

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Why Choose The Law Office of Stephen Vertucci, LLC, as Your Child Support Attorney in Greeley?

The experienced attorneys at The Law Offices of Stephen Vertucci, LLC, understand that facing a child support order is daunting, whether you are the paying parent, the receiving parent, or you aren’t certain how the state’s determination for child support impacts your future and your relationship with your children. Our Colorado child support attorneys will provide the following legal advantages for your case:

  • We have decades of combined experience navigating Colorado’s child support laws under the state’s Income Shares Model
  • We advance the court’s priority for making decisions in the best interests of children, while also protecting our client’s rights under Colorado law
  • We are well-versed in child support modification requirements and enforcement measures for child support orders
  • We deftly handle all paperwork requirements, court filings, negotiations, and court appearances before a judge

Calculating child support in Colorado can be a complex process, requiring the careful scrutiny of financial disclosures. You need an experienced Greeley child support attorney by your side for skilled legal counsel and representation throughout all child-support-related proceedings.

Understanding Colorado’s Income Shares Model for Determining Child Support Orders

Courts in Colorado follow the Income Shares Model in all child support decisions and rulings. This model works by carefully calculating the following:

  • The total income of both parents, including salaries, wages, commissions, bonuses, rental property income, pensions, or social security/disability
  • Income adjustments for health insurance premiums, retirement contributions, and child support already paid for children from a previous relationship
  • Child custody schedules, particularly the number of overnight parenting time days each parent has with the children
  • The number of children
  • Additional expenses for child care, education, or medical care needs

Once both parents’ incomes, the parents’ child custody schedule, and the number of children requiring support are disclosed, the state uses a formula for calculating child support in Colorado. Courts may deviate from the state’s calculations only under specific circumstances such as when one parent’s extraordinarily high income results in inappropriately inflated child support payments under the state’s formula, or when a child has special medical care or educational requirements. If you need help with child custody scheduling, contact our child custody attorney in Greeley today.

Child Support Modifications in Greeley, Colorado

Child support orders are binding and enforceable, but the courts acknowledge that circumstances change and impact child support needs or a parent’s ability to pay. If you’ve experienced a significant and lasting change in financial circumstances or a change in health or ability that impacts child support, a child support lawyer in Greeley can help with the child support modification process in court.

Call the Greeley Child Support Attorneys Today

When facing child support orders in a divorce or child custody case, it’s essential to have an experienced attorney representing your family’s interests under the state’s child support laws. Contact the Greeley child support lawyers today so we can help.

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