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Windsor Child Support Lawyer

Children need love and emotional support from both parents, but they also require financial support to ensure they don’t suffer a decline in their lifestyle after their parent’s divorce, and both parents meet their obligation to provide for their children’s financial needs. The court in Colorado makes all decisions in the best interests of the child, with the understanding that all parents have a legal duty to financially support their children.

If you’re facing a child support case in Windsor, you need an attorney with decades of experience navigating this area of Colorado family law. Call the Windsor divorce lawyers at the Law Office of Stephen Vertucci today for skilled representation in your child support case.

Windsor Child Support Lawyer

Why Choose Us for Your Child Support Attorneys in Windsor?

Founding attorney, Stephen Vertucci, has represented parents in Colorado court cases since 2007 with a track record of satisfied clients. Our firm takes a family-first, resolution-based approach. Our Windsor law firm provides the following:

  • An attorney with years of experience in Colorado child support determination
  • Open and honest communication so you’re well-prepared for all aspects of your case
  • Skilled representation throughout negotiations for a divorce settlement agreement, including child support orders
  • Experienced litigators if your case requires resolving a dispute in court

We understand the importance of getting it right in your child support case. Child support orders in Colorado are legally enforceable and remain in place until a child’s emancipation, typically at age 19. No parent should be without skilled representation in their child support case.

How a Child Support Attorney in Windsor can Help

Colorado courts encourage parents to follow the state’s guidelines for calculating child support and resolving disputes without a contentious court battle whenever possible, but that doesn’t mean you should enter into any agreement or go to court without skilled legal counsel. The child support lawyers at The Law Firm of Stephen Vertucci help with the following:

  • Child support during a divorce case
  • Child support request from a non-married co-parent
  • Paternity and child support
  • Requesting modification of an existing child support order
  • Child support enforcement in Colorado

Your child support lawyer from The Law Firm of Stephen Vertucci will guide you through the state’s requirements for child support and prepare you for your legal case through an out-of-court agreement or court litigation. We know how important the results of your family law case are for your family’s future.

How Does Colorado Determine Child Support?

During a divorce or when non-married parents require a child support order, the court considers the following:

  • The total income of both parents
  • The children’s accustomed lifestyle
  • The number of overnight custody stays each parent has with the children
  • Any special needs for medical care or education a child requires

When a child support case goes to court, a judge has the final discretion in determining the monthly amount owed from one parent to the other for their children’s care. A judge only alters the state’s formula for unique circumstances such as when the state’s formula results in an inappropriately high amount of monthly support, or when a child has special needs.

Call The Child Support Attorneys in Windsor Who Can Help

If you’re facing child support orders or navigating the state’s divorce and child support laws, you deserve skilled, experienced legal representation to ensure the smoothest possible process. Contact The Law Office of Stephen Vertucci today so we can review the details of your case and ensure the protection of your family’s rights.

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