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5 Social Media Mistakes To Avoid During A Divorce


Even the most amicable divorce can be complicated. What was previously a team effort suddenly turns into a potential battle between two people intimately familiar with each other. It’s like watching two football teams face off for their annual game. You know it’s going to get dirty, rough, tense, and nerve-wracking. Rules will be broken, and everyone is watching, particularly with the advent of social media. Here are five mistakes that Fort Collins divorce attorney Stephen Vertucci says you should not make:

  1. False Start

Nothing ruins a great opportunity like jumping the gun. All of that work to get the right play in at the right time goes up in smoke because you moved too soon. When it comes to a divorce, be mindful of sharing what’s happening on social media at the same rate you share the meals you eat or the shows you watch. It works out better for both you and your ex if you act as a team on how to approach social media announcements.

  1. Personal Foul

The heat of the moment can drive you mad. Now you two are fighting and your teams are clearing the bench to come to your aid. You do not want to get into these kinds of social media spats with your ex-partner. It will not end well for either of you and could ruin many other relationships.

  1. Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Suddenly, your opponent starts posting about that time you were caught doing something questionable. Your first reaction is to, well, react. Don’t – and avoid the penalty! Do not react to bad comments by your ex on social media and do not start posting them yourself. A divorce is painful enough; don’t set yourself up for more pain later on, when you end up regretting these actions.

  1. Illegal Celebration

You just scored for your team and, man, do you want to celebrate it. You rehearsed all night and you know everyone will love it, everyone but your ex. Don’t let being free of your ex go to your head; be mindful of what you post online. Keep that new purchase to yourself, or, better yet, wait until after the divorce is final.

  1. Encroachment

You’re so eager to make a play for your team, you didn’t realize how close to the line you got and now your opponent just gained an opportunity. Avoid the rabbit hole and stay off your ex’s social media timelines or pages. Leave his or her new friends alone and forget you know their password if you do have it. Better yet, be the better person – delete the auto-login from your browser and suggest he or she change passwords. That’s territory on which you do not want to encroach.

No one really wins in a divorce. Someone may come out ahead but both participants walk away bruised and battered. You can help mitigate some of this damage by being mindful of these social media infractions and avoiding them.

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