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Colorado Divorce Statistics

Whether or not a couple gets divorced has to do with much more than where they live – yet, statistically, researchers have found that certain states consistently have higher divorce rates than others. The annual number of divorce filings is higher in some states every year. Tracking the divorce rate in your state may give…

Legal Team

Pending Criminal Charges and Child Custody in Colorado

A history of crime could impact your child custody case in Colorado. All child custody matters boil down to one main consideration: what is in the best interest of the child. If a criminal record demonstrates to a judge that you may put your children at risk in any way, it could impact his or…

Legal Team

What Are the Four Main Issues in Divorce?

Hiring a divorce lawyer and separating from spouse can come with many difficulties and concerns. In the eyes of the law, however, just four elements compromise the heart of your case. Whether you and your spouse are trying to work together for an uncontested divorce or you are already preparing for a trial, it is…

Legal Team

Can You Sue for Defamation in a Divorce in Colorado?

In the midst of a tense and emotional divorce case, inadvisable events can sometimes occur. One spouse may make statements or allegations against the other during proceedings, including those which could be damaging and potentially defamatory. In such cases, you may seek to file a lawsuit for defamation against your spouse during the divorce. When…

Legal Team

Who Pays for Your Child’s Private Education After a Divorce?

Following a divorce, many costs associated with raising children may be disputed by former spouses. One of these is the cost of a private education for the child or children. Divorced parents often dispute this because one parent may feel that this is a necessity, and therefore the other parent should pay for it. The…

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