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Are All Assets Equal In Your Divorce?

When two individuals enter into a marriage it is more than a love match, it’s also a legal contract in Colorado. When spouses divorce, they officially end that legal contract as well as their marital relationship. Dissolving any legal contract comes with consequences. In a divorce in Colorado, the consequences of dissolving the marriage contract…

Legal Team

How Much Does a Divorce Lawyer Cost in Colorado?

It’s never a good idea to navigate the legal system alone during a Colorado divorce. Colorado has laws compelling divorcing spouses to divide and distribute their marital assets and debts as well as complex laws for child custody, child support, and spousal support. Although an out-of-court settlement agreement is the best-case scenario for saving the…

Legal Team

5 Benefits of Choosing Divorce Mediation Over Litigation

Divorce is always a difficult decision and an emotionally fraught time. In the best-case scenario, divorcing spouses agree to part ways amicably and reach agreements on all aspects of their divorce in Colorado, including child custody, child support, and the fair distribution of their marital assets. When spouses agree on these sensitive issues during a…

Legal Team

How Do I Find My Divorce Records in Colorado?

Most divorcing spouses like to think their divorce is behind them once they sign the final decree, but often legal matters arise later that require proof of the divorce. In some cases, a divorced individual may need to refer back to their divorce records to review the exact terms of their settlement on the division…

Legal Team

Is My Business a Marital Asset In a Divorce?

Like many states, Colorado is a state that compels divorcing spouses to divide and distribute their marital property in a way that’s fair and equitable if not precisely 50/50. Marital property in Colorado is any asset, debt, or liability acquired by either spouse during the marriage regardless of whose name is on the account. When…

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