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What Should I Do If My Spouse Refuses to Sign Divorce Papers?

Divorce is never easy, either emotionally, legally, or financially. Many divorcing spouses have their attorneys draft fair settlement and child custody agreements according to the state’s guidelines only to find that their spouse refuses to sign the papers because they have a different idea of what’s fair or a different goal for the child custody…

Legal Team

Dealing With Emotional Abuse During a Custody Battle

Updated January 2024 Escaping an emotionally abusive relationship by getting divorced is complicated if you and your ex-spouse have a child together. Although the courts in Colorado generally try to maintain continuing contact between a child and both parents after a divorce, there are exceptions if the child’s well-being or best interests are at risk,…

Legal Team

Prenup Property Title Versus Ownership

A prenuptial agreement in Colorado allows couples to keep their separate assets as separate property during the marriage and predetermines the distribution of their marital assets should the marriage end in divorce. A well-executed prenuptial agreement drafted during a time when spouses are at their best in the relationship not only protects both spouses in…

Legal Team

Do You Get Your Heirloom Ring Back During a Divorce?

There’s nothing more visually and emotionally beautiful than an heirloom diamond engagement ring or wedding ring set passed from one generation in a family to the next. Wearing a family heirloom ring is a loving tribute, but what happens when circumstances change and spouses decide to go their separate ways? Does the spouse who offered…

Legal Team

How to Divide Collectibles in a Divorce

Like many states, Colorado requires an equitable division of marital property during divorce. This law requires spouses to divide their marital property in a way that’s fair to both spouses if not exactly 50/50. Marital property in Colorado includes any assets or property the spouses acquire during the marriage, regardless of whose name is on…

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