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How Do I Find My Divorce Records in Colorado?


Most divorcing spouses like to think their divorce is behind them once they sign the final decree, but often legal matters arise later that require proof of the divorce. In some cases, a divorced individual may need to refer back to their divorce records to review the exact terms of their settlement on the division of assets, for tax purposes, or to review details about child custody, child support, and spousal support.

where can i get my divorce records in colorado

If you were divorced in Colorado, you may need your divorce record if you wish to request a modification of your orders or want to dispute the terms. Many people need their divorce records when they claim their social security after retirement. Since divorces litigated in court are not private but remain a matter of public record with some portions available to the public and the full file available to anyone through the Colorado Archives after 100 years, some spouses wish to review what’s on the public record.

There are many reasons to look back at divorce records but many divorced spouses don’t know how to access them. How do you find divorce records in Colorado?

What Are Divorce Records?

When spouses divorce in Colorado, they are issued a decree which they sign and keep as proof of their divorce. This is the divorce decree with the case number, the judge’s final judgments, and orders for the details of their settlement and custody terms. However, the divorce records are different and far more detailed than the decree. Divorce records are complete transcripts of all testimony presented at the trial from both spouses, eyewitnesses, and the divorce lawyers in Fort Collins. The record also lists all evidence presented in court and contains relevant personal information. These records are open to the public so anyone can request access to an uncertified copy of the file with the final orders. In some cases, the public may have access to uncertified copies of the divorce record or portions of the record with sensitive information redacted or withheld. In Colorado, the full, certified record is only available to the spouses, their attorneys, and close family relatives with proof of their association with the divorce. 

Colorado limits public access to complete transcripts and full records only to divorces that took place over 100 years ago so those involved in the case are no longer living. These records are stored in Colorado’s archives.

How Do I Access a Copy of My Colorado Divorce Records?

To request access to your divorce records, you need the case number of your divorce. This number should appear on your copy of the divorce decree. With the case number and an ID, you can access your record or order a copy of the full record from the courthouse where your divorce was finalized at the county clerk’s office. The state has a website directory that locates the contact information for all county courts in Colorado. 

You can also request a copy of your divorce record by mail in Colorado by including copies of all requested identification documents, the case number, and the date of the divorce. Forms to request your divorce record by mail are available online.

Certified copies of divorce records require formal requests and fees. The fee for a certified copy of a divorce record varies by county in Colorado.

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