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When divorce cases come to Colorado courts, no aspect of divorce is as emotionally fraught as child custody and the child support orders that accompany child custody decisions. Colorado courts make all decisions in the best interests of children and uphold the standard that all parents have an obligation to support their children.

If you’re a parent facing a divorce in Evans, Colorado it’s important to understand how the state’s laws for child support impact your family’s future. The Evans divorce attorneys at The Law Offices of Stephen Vertucci will safeguard your rights and guide you through all aspects of your divorce, child custody, and child support case in Evans with experienced legal counsel. Call our Evans law office today so we can begin prompt action.

Why Choose Us for Your Child Support Lawyers In Evans?

Since founding The Stephen Vertucci Law Firm in 2016, founding attorney, Stephen Vertucci, has been a strong advocate for families while defending clients’ rights in northern Colorado courts. Our law firm puts a powerful voice behind your child support case in Evans for the best possible outcome. We offer significant advantages including the following: 

  • The collaborative efforts and resources of a team with decades of combined experience
  • Focused attention from a firm dedicated exclusively to Colorado family law
  • Experienced negotiators and court litigators to represent your best interests throughout your legal process
  • Open and honest communication throughout your case from attorneys who are well-versed in all aspects of Colorado child support laws

When you need a trustworthy advocate for your child support case, the Evans child support lawyers at the Law Firm of Stephen Vertucci are ready to advocate assertively on your behalf.

How Is Child Support Calculated in Colorado?

Child support is a legal requirement for divorce orders when spouses have children based on the court’s assertion that all parents have an obligation to support their children. Child support is a monthly payment made from the parent with fewer child custody days to the parent with a greater number of child custody days and/or from a higher-earning parent to a lower-earning parent. Child support orders also apply to unmarried parents once paternity is legally established in a case. Note that if you are struggling with child custody, contact our child custody attorneys in Evans today.

Colorado bases their child support calculations on the following:

  • The total gross income of both parents
  • The total number of overnight custody days with each parent per year
  • Each parent’s contributions to a child’s healthcare benefits
  • Any special needs for a child’s medical care or education

In rare circumstances, the court may deviate from Colorado’s formula for calculating child support, such as in cases of a parent’s extraordinary income resulting in a far higher amount of child support than necessary to continue supporting children in their accustomed lifestyle, or for exceptional needs for a child’s medical care or special education.

Post-Judgement Modification of Child Support in Colorado

Child support is an enforceable obligation in Colorado, but courts also acknowledge that sometimes circumstances change. If you’re seeking a modification of existing child support orders in Colorado due to a significant change in income or a child’s needs, the child support lawyers at The Law Firm of Stephen Vertucci are ready to assert your legal rights in court.

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Call The Law Firm of Stephen Vertucci For Your Evans Child Support Case

Child support payments are often the most consequential consideration in a Colorado divorce case or when establishing paternity and parental rights and obligations for unmarried parents. You need child support attorneys who are well-versed in this critical aspect of family law. Reach out to our Evans Law office today so The Law Firm of Stephen Vertucci can begin safeguarding your rights.

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