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How Much Does a Simple Divorce Cost in Colorado?


No one enters into marriage anticipating that it will end in a divorce, but sometimes life takes spouses in new directions. Deciding to divorce is never easy, but once divorce becomes inevitable, it can go one of two ways. In the best-case scenario, both spouses agree on all terms and reach a settlement agreement without a trial. In other cases, spouses may disagree on one or more terms of the divorce. In the most contentious cases, spouses dispute every aspect of the divorce and require a contentious court battle with both sides presenting their arguments and evidence for a judge to decide.

If you and your spouse don’t wish to battle it out in court because you agree on your divorce terms, or if you have no children and few assets, you may be wondering, how can I simplify the divorce process and how much does a simple Colorado divorce cost?

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Filing for an Uncontested Divorce in Colorado

The simplest divorce process in Colorado is an uncontested divorce. Colorado is a no-fault divorce state so spouses do not have to prove wrongdoing, but simply divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. As long as they meet the state’s residency requirements, they may file for a simple, relatively inexpensive uncontested divorce.

An uncontested divorce is a straightforward and affordable divorce option that’s ideal for spouses who agree to part ways without a court battle. In an uncontested divorce, it’s still recommended that both spouses hire uncontested divorce attorneys in Fort Collins to help them navigate the legalities while they draft an agreement on all terms including:

  • The division of their marital assets, which include all properties, valuables, accounts, and debts they accumulated during the marriage, regardless of whose name is on the account or title
  • A child custody agreement or shared parenting-time schedule
  • Child support orders according to Colorado’s guidelines for calculating child support
  • Temporary spousal support paid from a higher-earning spouse to a lower-earning spouse if appropriate (spousal support is not an automatic requirement or obligation like child support)

If both spouses are represented by attorneys and reach an agreement on all terms, they may not have to appear in court as long as their attorneys present the signed agreement. In the majority of uncontested divorces, the judge simply signs off on the agreement. Only if the agreement is grossly unfair or the judge suspects one spouse signed under duress or didn’t have legal representation might they order a court appearance.

What Expenses to Expect in a Simple, Uncontested Colorado Divorce

The fee to file for a divorce in Colorado is about $230. Court and processing fees typically cost divorcing spouses about $880.00. Divorce in Colorado requires a 91-day waiting period after filing. During this time, both spouses should seek representation from a Fort Collins divorce attorney. Most family lawyers charge between $200-$300 per hour. If the spouses have assets and property to divide, they may have to pay for a valuation of their real estate property and other assets in order to meet the state’s requirement for the distribution of their property. If they have few assets, they may be able to reach a fair and mutually agreeable settlement without the need for expensive valuation processes or professional mediation.

The more divorcing spouses can agree to communicate and compromise to reach an amicable settlement agreement, the less their simple divorce in Colorado costs.

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