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Reasons You Should Hire a Divorce Attorney


We increasingly live in a do-it-yourself society, which is great for things such as home improvement projects and crafting. You should leave some things, like legal matters, to the professionals, however. Plenty of research regarding DIY divorces exists, but you need an attorney to protect your rights and help you through the difficult process. The following are reasons you should hire an Fort Collins divorce attorney for your divorce, rather than taking a DIY approach.

Attorneys Are Familiar With Applicable State Law

The first reasoning behind hiring a divorce attorney is simple: They understand Colorado divorce law and how it may affect your situation. When you and your spouse decide to end a marriage, you must decide how to split your property, assets, and more. The issues of dissolving your marriage may be further complicated if you have children, significant assets, or own a business. Many people believe property is subject to equal division following a divorce, but the truth is much more complicated. In fact, one spouse may receive a significant amount of the marital property, depending on what the court views as equitable.

An attorney can help with the issues surrounding divorce, including equitable property division and child custody. For example, a lawyer can help you determine if you’re entitled to your spouse’s pension or retirement, as well as what is and what is not marital property. In many instances, a lack of legal knowledge can lead to an unfair outcome for one spouse.

A divorce attorney can help you understand both your rights and responsibilities when it comes to divorce. He or she can help you discover your claim to marital assets, insulate your personal assets from division if possible, and protect your business.

An Attorney Can Level the Playing Field

The scales are rarely even when it comes to dissolution of a marriage. One spouse often has a greater amount of power than another does when a marriage comes to an end. You can level the playing field and help ensure you’re doing everything to protect your rights in a divorce proceeding with a divorce attorney by your side.

You’ll be at a distinct disadvantage if your spouse has an attorney and you don’t. A family law attorney in your corner will help promote positions of equal power in a divorce proceeding. Some examples in which a family law attorney can provide valuable assistance include:

  • If you’re a battered spouse, you can seek protection for yourself and your children.
  • If your spouse has been hiding marital assets, an attorney can help uncover them and subject them to fair division.
  • If you’re seeking physical custody, an attorney can help make your case.

You Can Prevent Serious Mistakes

The terms of a final divorce decree are legally binding. Many people, unfortunately, do not realize they’ve made a mistake or concession until a judge signs off on the divorce order. In this sense, you may be stuck with a provision of a divorce settlement that’s unfair or unrealistic.

You have the same rights and responsibilities under Colorado law as an attorney if you choose to represent yourself in a legal proceeding. Most of us wouldn’t practice medicine or perform surgery on ourselves, so why would we attempt to handle our own divorce? This significantly increases the likelihood of making serious mistakes that could affect your livelihood for years to come.

You need a divorce attorney for several reasons, including to leverage his or her knowledge of Colorado law; to protect your rights; and to assure the best possible outcome in your case. Rather than trying the DIY approach for your divorce, seek help from a Colorado divorce attorney.

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