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5 Tips and Tricks for an Easier Divorce in Colorado


Divorce is never an easy process. It does not have to be as difficult as the movies make it out to be, however. You and your spouse can avoid screaming matches and tense divorce trials with the right tools, knowledge and tips. Five tried-and-true tricks from people who have been where you are can make your divorce case in Colorado as simple as possible.

Hire a Divorce Lawyer

Hiring an attorney might seem like you are complicating things when really it is the opposite. Partnering with a professional who has handled numerous divorce cases – many more complicated than your own – can give you access to information and resources that will facilitate an easier divorce process. An attorney can see the big picture. He or she is not as close to the subject as you are and will be able to see things clearly and from an unbiased perspective. Employing a divorce lawyer can give you sound advice during your divorce.

After you hire a lawyer, you can focus on your future instead of your divorce alone. While your lawyer handles legal matters such as filing your divorce paperwork and getting your affairs in order, you can spend time with your kids and start planning what your future will look like without your spouse. You will also not have to worry about making mistakes since your divorce attorney will know exactly what he or she is doing.

Collect Information

With or without a lawyer’s assistance, start collecting information from the beginning of your divorce case. Keeping a folder with all your important documents organized can make for a much more efficient divorce process. Rather than having to reschedule meetings or scramble to find a specific document, the information will be easily accessible. The typical divorcee involved in a case can benefit from having copies of credit card statements, pay stubs, bank account statements, property evaluations, tax returns, W2s, jewelry appraisals, retirement accounts and other information that may be relevant to the case.

Keep Things Private

If you want an easier divorce, keep things to yourself until after a judge has finalized the decree. Making your divorce public – especially via social media – can complicate your divorce and make for a more difficult case. Sharing on Facebook that you just bought a new car to cope with the split, for example, is something your ex-spouse could use against you during your divorce case, such as proof that you do not need alimony. Keep the details of your divorce private, only telling those that need to know. It may also make for an easier case to wait to date until after your divorce. Dating too early could interfere with child custody and/or alimony matters. Especially if you show you are going out a lot on social media. 

Map Out Your Future Budget

One of the hardest aspects of divorce for most people is suddenly living on just one income. Try to ease the transition by mapping out what your life will look like post-divorce. Create a budget you will need to follow after the divorce. You may need to apply for a job for more financial independence or downsize into a smaller home or apartment. Preparing ahead of time for the financial fallout of a divorce can make the reality easier for you.

Be Willing to Compromise

Compromise is a magic word during divorce cases in Colorado. It can be what enables you and your spouse to skip a trial, save money and get divorced without a lot of hassle. Being willing to compromise with your spouse on the terms of the split can mean you both work out your own divorce arrangement rather than putting it in the hands of a judge. Your divorce case can move much quicker and more efficiently if you both can compromise – not to mention the peace of mind you can enjoy knowing the fate of child custody, property division and your financial future are not up in the air, as they would be during a divorce trial. Approaching your divorce with patience and an open mind can make all the difference.

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