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Five Things a Divorce Lawyer Can Do That You Can’t

If you’re facing a divorce, you might wonder if it’s worth hiring a lawyer. You may have heard the common trope that lawyers are expensive and drag out the legal process. But the truth is, people rarely regret hiring an attorney, but they almost always regret NOT hiring one. Going through the divorce process is…

Legal Team

How Long After Divorce Can You Remarry in Colorado?

Spouses divorce for many different reasons. Some people feel they’ve outgrown their partner and wish to work on getting to know themselves or focus on their education or career. Other divorcing spouses may be anxious to jump into the dating pool. Some divorcing spouses may have already embarked on a new relationship and fallen in…

Legal Team

Is a Collaborative Divorce a Better Fit for Your Family?

While celebrity followers chuckled when Gwyneth Paltrow first described her 2014 divorce as a “conscious uncoupling,” since that time other well-known personalities have chosen similar ways to describe their choice for a peaceful parting of the ways rather than an acrimonious divorce. In Colorado, divorcing spouses have the option to avoid bitter court battles by…

Legal Team

What is a Gray Divorce?

Divorce is never easy, but when spouses over the age of 50 divorce after decades of marriage, it’s not only emotionally difficult, but it also comes with significant legal challenges. Many people refer to divorces that take place later in life as “gray divorces.” It’s never too late to begin a new life and for…

Legal Team

What Are the Types of Restraining Orders in Colorado?

If you’re seeking a restraining order in Colorado, chances are, you aren’t at a high point in your life experience. You may be wondering where to turn. It helps if you have an understanding of the different types of restraining orders available in Colorado so you know what type best applies to your circumstances and…

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