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What Is a Pet Trust?

While pet lovers among us might think of our pets as precious little beings, the law considers our furry best friends as property. As such, pet owners cannot leave property to other “property” in a will. Your pet cannot inherit any assets after you die. Because our favorite four-legged creatures cannot provide for themselves, even…

Legal Team

What Is Power of Attorney (POA)?

No one relishes the idea of admitting their own mortality or thinking about what could happen should they become incapacitated. However, taking positive steps toward putting a structure into place should the worst occur offers peace of mind so you can rest assured that your wishes will be carried out for your own protection as…

Legal Team

Why Create a Parenting Contract?

Almost no couple enters into a marriage believing their journey down the aisle will end in divorce court, yet a significant number of marriages do not last until “death do us part.” One of the most appealing aspects of a prenuptial agreement is that a couple creates a contract for the possibility of a future…

Legal Team

What to Know About Child Support Law in Colorado

Matters of child custody and child support are among the most contentious and emotionally fraught issues that come to Colorado divorce court. For parents facing divorce in Colorado, knowing what to expect can reduce the level of discord and may help parents arrive at a settlement agreement without the need for an argument in court….

Legal Team

Surprising Lifestyle Factors That Could Increase Your Risk for Divorce

Most people expect their walk down the aisle to lead to happily-ever-after, yet a significant percentage of marriages end in divorce. Because life’s journey comes with twists and turns, there’s no foolproof way to predict which marriages will last and which end in divorce court, but studies have shown certain lifestyle factors may increase the…

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