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Do You Get Your Heirloom Ring Back During a Divorce?

There’s nothing more visually and emotionally beautiful than an heirloom diamond engagement ring or wedding ring set passed from one generation in a family to the next. Wearing a family heirloom ring is a loving tribute, but what happens when circumstances change and spouses decide to go their separate ways? Does the spouse who offered…

Legal Team

How to Divide Collectibles in a Divorce

Like many states, Colorado requires an equitable division of marital property during divorce. This law requires spouses to divide their marital property in a way that’s fair to both spouses if not exactly 50/50. Marital property in Colorado includes any assets or property the spouses acquire during the marriage, regardless of whose name is on…

Legal Team

How Is Cryptocurrency Handled in a Colorado Divorce?

Marriages begin with high hopes for a long life together and no one expects their walk down the aisle to end at divorce court. Sadly, a significant number of Colorado marriages end in divorce as spouses head down different paths in their lives. In Colorado, divorcing spouses may retain only assets they owned before marriage…

Legal Team

How to Navigate Going to Work During a Divorce

The divorce process is fraught with emotion and crowded with legal appointments and court proceedings. At the same time that you’re dealing with the end of your own personal world as you know it, the rest of the world continues on as usual, meaning you’re still expected to fulfill your professional responsibilities at work. In…

Legal Team

Non-Married Parents: What Issues Arise and How to Handle Them

In today’s evolving world, many families are not what was once called “traditional families.” According to Pew Research, 1 in 4 parents with a child in their home are unmarried; however, 35% of unmarried parents live with a partner, sometimes the child’s biological parent, but not always. Not all parents wish to get married. Some…

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