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Do I Still Pay Child Support in a 50/50 Custody Agreement?

A custody agreement is a complex, very detailed legal document that outlines both parents’ obligations and rights concerning their children after a divorce. There are different types of custody, and countless possible formats a custody arrangement might take. Some parents may wonder if they must still pay child support in a joint physical custody arrangement…

Legal Team

What Age Does Child Support Stop in Colorado?

The goal of a child support agreement in a divorce or separation is to provide for the child’s best interests. No matter what this looks like, the Colorado courts will strive to fulfill it. The amount of money one spouse will have to pay to the other, the frequency of support payments, and the duration…

Legal Team

What Is Retroactive Child Support?

If you and your ex-spouse have children together but the courts have yet to order a child support agreement, you may be eligible for retroactive child support, which is different from unpaid support. Retroactive support makes up the cost of support a spouse had not been paying while no agreement was yet in place. Unpaid…

Legal Team

How Can I Legally Stop Paying Child Support?

Child support can represent a significant financial expense for many noncustodial parents. If you’re paying large child support amounts each month, you may be wondering how long they last or if (and when) you can legally stop paying them. Here’s what Colorado law says about payment of child support and your rights and responsibilities following…

Legal Team

Can Someone Go to Jail for Not Paying Child Support?

Child support is a legally binding agreement. If someone you know is behind on his or her child support payments, there can be serious repercussions under federal law. The United States Code, Section 228 Title 18, establishes that willful failure to pay child support is against the law in certain circumstances. This makes a violator…

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