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What Is Considered Income When Deciding Child Support?

If you and your spouse share a child during a divorce, one of you may end up owing the other child support, depending on the custody and support arrangement. If you believe you will have to pay your ex-spouse child support after a divorce, it can help to understand how the courts in Colorado calculate…

Legal Team

What Does Child Support Cover in Colorado?

Child support is a court order requiring one spouse to pay the other for a child’s basic expenses after a divorce. Most divorces involving children end with one parent having to fulfill a child support order until the child turns 19 (or older with some exceptions). Child support payments are meant to cover certain expenses…

Legal Team

The Effects of Coronavirus/COVID-19 on Divorce

The coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching implications. It has affected most aspects of life…including marriage and divorce. Couples quarantining together have given rise to speculation of divorce rates increasing, while couples in the middle of divorces are wondering how the virus will affect their cases. Take a look at how the coronavirus has affected divorce…

Legal Team

Will Your Child Support Decrease If Your Partner Has Another Child?

Updated Jan 2024 The short answer: Possibly. You may petition the courts in Colorado for a support modification after any changes in your financial status. This includes losing your job, changing careers, getting a demotion or promotion, or having another child. Child support is a financial responsibility one parent may owe the other after divorce….

Legal Team

How Does Child Support Work in Colorado?

Challenges related to child custody and support are often some of the hardest to overcome during divorce cases in Colorado. Negotiating child support during a divorce takes a combination of understanding state laws and knowing what you can do to help. A divorce lawyer can walk you through how Colorado handles child support orders to…

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